Automated Vaccine Inventory Solutions in Lancaster


ViewVax Vaccine Inventory Solution

ViewVax is a smart inventory solution for vaccines that uses an automated process to identify and replenish vaccines

ViewVax is the industry leader in automated vaccine inventory in the Lancaster area. Our elegant and seamless design fits into an existing medical refrigerator allowing hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices the opportunity to utilize and organize their current medical refrigerators while integrating the automated inventory solution hardware and software. ViewVax’s web-connected camera counts on-hand vaccine inventory allowing for automatic reordering, reduced inventory levels, and easy identification of vaccines.

Benefits of ViewVax:

  • Visualize supply: Real time visualization of inventory throughout the network of clinics where OIS is installed. Immediately return cash to your practice by reducing level of inventory while eliminating risk of stockout.
  • Detailed analytics & alerts: Real time analytics enabling access to historical inventory data. Receive alerts on inventory shortages. Accessible on your computer or mobile device.
  • Web management portal: Reduces time-consuming tracking and administration
  • Organized storage: Elegantly designed dispensing system fits inside the existing vaccine refrigerator; forward places vaccines to clearly see the carton labeling for ease of identification, access and storage.
  • Keeps vaccines in their original packaging until use, as recommended by manufacturers and CDC.
    Capacity to efficiently store up to 2,000 vials or syringes.
  • Increased staff efficiency: Organize and automate vaccines, biologics storage and inventory management to save time and improve patient care.
    Designed to ensure proper airflow and temperature within the unit.


Contact us today at Optical Inventory to learn how you can streamline the the storage and replenishment of vaccines and other medicines with the ViewVax. Serving hospitals, clinics, and offices in the Lancaster area.