Why Optical Reliant Technology is Becoming More Reliable

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Human error is a margin of inaccuracy that has come to be expected over time. However, recent breakthroughs in technology makes what some people called, “science fiction” a reality for today. Optical recognition technology, which is utilized by Optical Inventory Solutions, for their game-changing vaccination storage unit, ViewVax, has begun to start the trend for other businesses to be invested in. Walmart plans to integrate autonomous robots utilizing optical technology to 50 of their stores in four states.


According to this article that explains how optical technology works, there have been conflicting opinions on whether or not a robot can truly “see.” The article explains that robots in the past couldn’t physically see, but rather operated in a very specific pattern. This is because they are built to operate in a predesigned area, and if they are taken outside of that area, they become useless. However, Bossa Nova Robotics, the manufacturer that Walmart has commissioned for their robots, have managed to produce robots that can fully see, interact, and understand their environment.


Optical imaging appears to be quite versatile. From ViewVax using it for vaccine storage and organization, Walmart has retail tasks in mind. According to this article, Walmart is using these autonomous robots for scanning of out-of-stock items, incorrect prices, and wrong or missing labels. The robots are described as six-feet-tall roving towers on wheels with a camera, which is a stark difference from ViewVax.


“This has largely been about how we improve our performance and improve our service to our customers,” Walmart’s Vice President of Innovation, John Crecelius said in the above-mentioned article.


The versatility of optical technology can be molded to suit the needs of virtually any business. There is an argument that optical technology trumps employee vigilance. For ViewVax, it scans hundreds of different vaccines daily, a task that would be tedious and overwhelming for the staff. Not only does ViewVax do this better than people, but also faster. In a business as fast as the healthcare industry, vaccines must be found, stored, and organized extremely quickly. Time can be a major obstacle, and ViewVax makes it much more manageable. With Walmart on board for incorporating optical technology, the possibilities are endless for other new businesses to get involved.


Optical Inventory Solutions constantly pushes the envelope when it comes to innovative new technologies to advance the healthcare business. If you have any questions about Optical Inventory Solutions, or ViewVax, contact here, or call (610) 616-3645.

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