The Advantage of Optimizing Vaccine Space

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With vaccines getting frequently more attention and used by families, it is no secret how they can positively affect the health of the patients – not to mention children – in such a short amount of time. However, with an industry that is constantly innovating and shipping more vaccines every day, there must be a method to how these vaccines are moved, stored, and organized.

It seems like such a simple concept in theory: store the right vaccines in the correct area and so they can be found quickly, and so the wrong vaccine isn’t selected instead. But, this may be a bit more complicated than that. There is more to storing vaccines then simply just placing them in the right storage container or fridge.

The slightest error in organization can drastically reduce the potency of the vaccine and make it virtually useless. According to the Pan American Health Organization, there aren’t many issues more important than the proper storage and handling of vaccines. “Vaccines exposed to temperatures outside the recommended ranges can have reduced potency and protection. Storage and handling errors can cost thousands of dollars in wasted vaccine and revaccination,” the website says. It’s a concept that we tend not to think about. Vaccines on their own have saved so many lives that the idea of having to make sure that they are kept safe seems to get lost in the shuffle. Fortunately, Optical Inventory Solutions have poured all their resources and expertise into developing a superior solution.

ViewVax, which has been proven to be the industry leader in automated vaccine inventory, has developed their own storage container which has been documented in saving hundreds upon thousands of dollars So, how exactly does ViewVax separate themselves from the competition?

Founders Thomas and James Lake made sure that their product didn’t just simply fix a problem that could become much more complicated down the road. They innovated, and made sure that ViewVax isn’t just designed to fix the current problems, but to also have an answer for future complications. On their website, ViewVax guarantees three big solutions: They can organize and automate vaccine inventory to make the management more effective and efficient. They use optical recognition, eliminating the need for over reliance on manual counting and scanning that would take up time from your business routine. And, most importantly, they specialize optimized communication, making sure that the right information is always coming across clearly.

ViewVax has increased vaccination rates by 59% as well as lowering the risk of stock-out by 28%. Their technology can photograph vaccine cartons, distinguish character and medical terminology for easier organization, and can convert images to data, wirelessly sending that information to the cloud where it can display inventory reports and can also have orders placed on auto order. Most impressive of all, is that all this information can be found at any time at your fingertips. ViewVax is compatible with your mobile device, where you can place orders, view current order information, and can take that information with you wherever you go.

Optical Inventory Solutions have taken many steps to make sure that the technology used to save lives is always taken seriously, with a priority in a flawless system that sees results every single day. We hope you learned just a bit more about the vaccination industry. If you have any further questions about our products or how we can help your business manage your vaccination inventory, contact Optical Inventory Solutions today!

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