Thomas Lake

Uniquely experienced as a leader working at two vaccine firms (Merck and GSK) and as an innovator who created, received funding, and launched two vaccine business startups—including a smart refrigerator for vaccines—Tom capitalizes on opportunities to support the vaccine business.

He brings over 29 years of industry leadership in Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales with diverse, global experience at Merck Vaccines (18 years) and GlaxoSmithKline (VP Vaccine Marketing), and proven success in establishing new businesses. His extensive operational knowledge spans the creation of innovative vaccine selling models, contracting options, distribution strategies, marketing, buy-and-bill reimbursement, innovative delivery devices, and establishment of alternative delivery sites.

James Lake

A recognized name in the smartphone and wireless industry, Jake has over thirty years of experience in the mobility space.  Leading teams at global companies such as Research In Motion (RIM), HTC, and Samsung, he has proven leadership and success in introducing new technologies into a variety of distribution models.  His understanding of enterprise security and the partner ecosystem has led to accelerated product announcements and faster times to market.

Most recently, he is the Managing Director – Pharmaceuticals, at privately held Melling Medical and manages contracts and manufacturer relations related to pharmaceutical sales to the Department of Defense, the VA and the agencies they serve.