What ViewVax Brings to Health Care Providers

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The healthcare industry is the epitome for powerful and influential businesses across the planet. There are dozens of working parts that help spin this mighty business toward the path of success and continue to optimize the medical field in ways that seem to be ahead of its time. The innovative minds at Optical Inventory Solutions understand the climb to progress and are confident that their product, ViewVax, will boost health care providers to new heights and success.

What is ViewVax?

Vaccine Storage for Healthcare ProvidersViewVax is a vaccine storage unit that is designed to advance the use and organization of vaccines for clinics across the country. It automates the inventory management process, uses optical recognition to eliminate manual counting and/or scanning, and it relays this information to staff quickly and accurately.

One of the larger divisions to the healthcare industry are vaccination clinics. According to Global Research’s website, the vaccination market is worth $24 billion. Despite its monumental worth, the vaccination industry has its own share of issues. Most problems have to do with storage and organization. Vaccines cannot just be placed on a shelf. Some – if not most – of vaccines need a specific environment to survive in, or else they become useless. Also, vaccines are sometimes hastily placed in a storage container and not labeled properly. As a result, the mislabeled vaccines can get lost.

Solving the vaccine inventory issue

ViewVax is on the road to solving that issue for good. ViewVax not only keeps vaccines together, but it can also log them internally, and keep track of what it contains. It uses an advanced recognition software, allowing it to read the labels of the vaccines and can even use mobile devices to send staff the data.

Average vaccination practices spend around eight hours researching and dealing with vaccine reps, thirty-five hours with inventory management, sixty-two hours with pricing, ordering and stocking, and seventy hours training with staff. ViewVax eliminates the need for so many hours to be dumped into these tasks, as it organizes and keeps records of the vaccines in ways that other storage units have been thus far. This frees the staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Streamlining the vaccination inventory process

Because ViewVax can accomplish so much, it has proven to increase the reliability of the vaccination industry. As a result, because the vaccination process runs smoother, it allows the healthcare industry to grow even more. Optical Inventory Solutions have single-handedly solved the vaccination businesses’ problems with ViewVax.

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